Studio Policy


By registering for private and individual lessons in voice or piano or rudiments at Larissa A. Szepetyk Music Studio, the student and their parents/guardians automatically Agree to the Music Studio Policy below:

Payment for lessons is in full and for the whole months worth of lessons in Advance of the first monthly lesson via E-bank transfer due to Covid-19.
Monthly lesson payment is in advance in order to reserve the weekly lesson time slot for the student for the coming month.


Should no payment be received by the lesson then it will be canceled and student will be charged a lesson fee


Voice lessons:
$35.00 for 1/2 hr. lesson

Voice lessons : $60.00 for an hour lesson (per student)
Rudiments lessons: $35.00 for 1/2 hr. lesson (per student)

Piano lessons: $30.00 for 1/2 hr. lesson

Piano lessons: $55.00 for an hour lesson (per student)


Regularity is one of the greatest assets to successful attainment in study. The failure to follow up the thread of imparted information at regular intervals destroys the framework supporting the whole idea. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian (if the student is under 19 years of age) to make sure that the student has their books and music to each lesson, attends his/her lessons on time and payment is met on a regular basis.

Lessons are scheduled either for 1/2 hr. or 1 hr. once a week every week except for statutory holidays, Christmas Break and March Break.

The only excuse for a missed (canceled) lesson is illness or an unforeseen emergency such as extreme bad weather ( total loss of power/wifi) or a death in the family.
In the case of extreme bad winter/spring weather, the teacher will email or call student (parents/guardians if under 19 years old) to cancel and reschedule the lesson for another day as soon as possible or at the end of the Semester (Dec. and May/June). 


Failure to give adequate advance 24 hour notice in canceling a lesson will result in a lesson charge for the canceled/missed lesson.

The teacher must be notified as soon as possible of extended vacations.

There are no refunds for canceled of missed lessons.

Studio Policy is in alignment with ORMTA's studio policy that states that "no allowances will be made for lessons missed by students except in case of absence caused by prolonged illness" extending over a period of not less than 3 weeks, a refund of the amount of time lost for private lessons will be allowed provided that the teacher is notified at the beginning of the illness by phone or email. The approved refund will be made by cheque or as a credit against future tuition, at the student’s (parents/guardians if under 19 yrs.) option.

There will be no refund or credit for lessons missed by students for any other reasons such as cancellations for extended family vacation or school related absences, you must let me know ahead of time. 

Please choose a time that works with your extracurricular activities.


I am unable to take phone calls during scheduled lesson times during the week.
Please contact me in the mornings or early afternoon.

When leaving a voice mail by phone, left by the parent/guardian (over 18 years of age) of student, please include:

  • Name of student,
  • Lesson day and time
  • Reason for calling/canceling a lesson

Should parents/guardians wish to discuss an issue with me at the lesson, please be sure that this is initiated during your child's time and not after the lesson has finished when time belongs to the next student. 


Additional costs for all students include purchasing required music books.

There will be an additional charge to voice students. Voice students preparing for RCM examinations, music festivals or other performances (ORMTA's Stars of Tomorrow Auditions) are required to prearrange with me and cover the costs of their own collaborative piano accompanist. Piano accompanist fees vary.

Voice students require a minimum of 2 or 3 rehearsals at Larissa A. Szepetyk Music Studio with a collaborative piano accompanist and myself. A regular lesson charge will apply. Working with an accompanist is important to ensure confidence in an RCM exam, festival or general performance.

Voice students will have to pay an additional fee to the collaborative piano accompanist on the day of the performance. 

It is important for all students to take every opportunity to participate in performance activities which will help make them better artists. This is a vital part of training. Although this is highly encouraged, it is not compulsory.

All students (their parents/guardians) must inform me of their musical intentions in order for adequate lesson preparation.

Additional Fees: Lesson fees do not include recital, RCM voice, piano or theory examinations fees. Additional lessons are available in June for students preparing for exams or auditions.

Lost lesson time due to lateness cannot be made up. There are no lessons for missed makeup lessons.

Semester One is September to December;

Semester Two is January to May/June.

Makeup lessons may be offered twice in both semesters:
The lessons are offered at the end of each semester (December & May/June). 

These makeup lessons will only be honoured under my discretion.

Lessons cancelled by me will be made up as soon as possible.